Byography Portfolio

I have been an artist since I can remember. I dedicated my life to art beauty and creativity. Quality and excellence in what I do has always been my goal. Always reaching for the star, trying to perfect my craft, trying to improve and get better at what I do.

I was born in Arad Romania. Since childhood I had artistic aptitudes especially in sculpturing and painting. I was a very active child in sports, music, dance, flying and skydiving, boxing, martial arts.

As a teenager I discovered photography and with a friend of mine we turned his bathroom in a dark room, so we could developing film and paper. We were shooting with a plastic camera, the only one that we could afford. Black and White film was the only thing available at that time.

Following my mother’s steps herself an artist, I ended up studying at the art academy. Years later I graduated with a degree in fine arts, music and dance. Before I was drafted in the military I worked as an artist for an art factory. Photography was still a hobby.

In the military I worked as an artist, secretary for general at the command office in the capital. I had the opportunity to learn a lot about image and the advertising industry. I participated and won many first places in national advertising competitions.

Returning from military I decided to continue my studies in art. I have participated and won many firs places in national dance competitions from ballet to ballroom.

I relocated to US in 1985. Started as a printer for Cradle Pictures in Orange County, CA. Ended up managing the division a couple of years later. Had 14 photographers working for me servicing all the Southern CA area.

1990 I relocated to NY and had a professional dance career. Economy had a great impact on the dance and art industry; many dance companies were going out of business, nobody giving long term contracts. Many dancers were looking in to other careers. I relocated to NC, a great place to live if you liked and enjoyed the outdoors.

Returned to martial arts in NC I went step by step trough all the belt levels I passed the black belt exam. I participated in many local and national Karate competitions and won many first places in national tournaments.

In the 90’s I shot mostly nature, people, and art before I decided to move towards fashion.

Between 1985 and 2000 I worked as a professional dancer, graphic and web designer before dedicating full time to photography.

In 2000 I decided to invest in top professional equipment and build a portfolio suited for the fashion industry. Traded all my film equipment and switched to digital photography. The digital photography caught up with the film. You cannot compete with the convenience of digital equipment in the today’s market.

Canon top of the line professional lenses and cameras is what we use for our shoots. I never planned or expected to have a photography company. I shot because I enjoyed beauty, art, style, and the ability to create a work of art with the convenience of the digital photography and image editing and manipulation that the Paint shot and later Photoshop offered.

The age of filter effects and image editing and manipulation was here. I entered a few graphic design competitions on line and had a chance to meet lot of people in the industry. It was my first experience with Photoshop. With a great friend from Australia we opened a website for graphic design and Photoshop resources. We organized art and graphic design competitions in the evenings via the website. I had the opportunity to work with artists from all over the world and learn Photoshop, filter effects, web design. When you are in a competition and have to create an image to compete with 30 other designers and have 20 minutes to get it done it gets your brain working a million miles an hour. It was a great way to learn at fast pace the secrets of image manipulation, the editing programs and filter effects.

I spent lot of nights till early hours of the morning editing and perfecting images. In the early 2000 I shot more people then any photographer on the E coast. Spent many hours editing images while hanging out in photographers chat room, checking the work of the top people in the industry, learning about best equipment and programs. I was learning good quality image from the best fashion glamour and commercial photographers. Coming back to my work I constantly realizing how much more I have to learn. Trying to understand how somebody can take a model a few lights and easily create an outstanding image while thousands of other photographers create the average image. By talking to the guys that were winning the national competitions and constantly looking at their work slowly my images started to change. I started to see the difference between an image shot with the top notch equipment, the right lighting, set up and lot more that gets involved in creating the top image and the rest of thousands of images shot every day that do not make the difference.

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