More about me

I started watching top photographers how they work, the equipment they use and how they use it. Understanding why and what makes a difference. A lot of things have changed from the first photography books I studied as a teenage amateur photographer. Watch videos and tutorial of the top equipment manufacturers and how to use their products to get the best results.

One day somebody asked me how much do I charge for a shoot? I had no idea. The thought never entered my mind that I could make money doing what I like. From there on I learned that people are willing to pay if you work hard and create something special, if you have a good product to offer.

So I started entering some photography competitions never really hoping to win against the thousands of photographer’s worldwide and my mentors and people I was looking up to and learning from. And surprise I made the first cut in one and disqualified shortly after. Bummed about it was going to give up but then I thought I should reenter with an other image. And Voila made top 10. Never expected that. Next competition I made top 3 and was picked by the top modeling and photographer agency world wide to shoot the top 10 bikini models that won the bikini competition. They flew me to the beautiful Florida beaches and we shot for a few days in some beautiful locations. From white sandy beaches to caves, marinas boats, abandoned houses and more. Was so spoiled to have a few photographers willing to work as assistants to learn what I do, to carry equipment around to do what ever I needed to create the images I wanted. The most beautiful models willing to get up at 5 am for makeup and a whole creative team get up because I wanted to shoot the sunrise.
So here I was fashion photographer on demand for the swimwear and bikini market. My glamour and swimwear shooting started getting better and better. Photographers that were shooting for 20 years were asking me for advice and lessons. I started teaching and organizing seminars and shootouts. There was a lot of beach shooting and chasing that sunset and sunrise.
I was constantly changing and improving my work and portfolio.

I remember one of the key points in the business for me. I was browsing some of the professional photographers portfolios and run in to this one particular portfolio and I am looking at the main image. The image color drab, depth of filed non existent, shot at wrong aperture, model position in a pose not suitable for her body construction, foot prints on the paper, no clean up editing. My first thought was: this guy needs to step up his work and get some better quality going. And then surprise. When I check the name, It was a photographer that a couple of years back I was considering as a photography god and master and wishing some day I could shoot what he was shooting. That made me realize how much my eye and ability to see quality image has changed.

I learned the power of image.

Over the years I created many images. I remember the first few great ones, when the models posted those images as their main in their portfolios and next day they got bombarded with emails. They could not get away from the computer answering all the emails and scheduling photo shoots.
I remember one image and one photo shoot that launches a models career and she gets snatched away by the NY agencies and fashion industry. I learned that one image done right can be very powerful and can launch a models career while others can spend years in the mediocrity and never get above the waters. I learned that top models and producers are willing to go to great lengths and travel across the country for that top image.

I learned that to get better you have to stop listening to people that chase you and want you time and tell you how wonderful you are. You have to chase and look up to the people at the top that give you some critique and push you to improve your craft and become better at what you do.

My work over the years has been published in many local and national magazines and publications such as Maxim, FHM, Sports, and Rider, to mention a few.
Many of my images have received international awards.
I have won many first places in national and international competitions, finalist in shut up and Model Glamour competition out of 29,000 photographers worldwide.

I am constantly monitoring the top fashion and designers in the world; top world level photographers to continue improving my craft and skill to deliver the best quality image that can stand against any in the world market.

Over the years I studies and practice many styles of photography. Fashion, swimwear-bikini, art, editorial and more are some of the styles I shoot a lot. Lighting is one of the things that I get asked to teach the most, editing is probably next and so on. I think the secret to success is having the eye for beauty. Being able to see what works well together to create the great image is what’s important.
In my work I try to keep the image looking natural, achieve softness where is necessary and yet preserve the texture where is important. To many people I see using software that will soften the whole image. The problem is you are losing one of the 3 crucial elements of a good image, which is texture. Variety of styles and natural image edited yet not to look fake is what I try to achieve. There is always room for learning and improvement. I am always open to creating new and exciting projects.

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