Question: What is your cancellation policy

The earlier you let us know that you cannot make your shoot the better we can assist you in rescheduling your shoot. If you need to reschedule, we need a 48 hours notice.
If you call and cancel with in less then 48 hours you may lose your deposit.
It is at the discretion of the photographer to reschedule or not. If you do not show up you will lose the deposit. If you did not show up for your shoot your deposit for the next shoot would have to cover the cost of the next shoot in full.
If you are running late for any reason please call 480 559 1299

Question: Are you hiring or looking for any help?

We are always looking for help. Assistants, volunteers, make up artists, hair stylists, scouts, promoters designers. We do a lot of artistic projects many commercial paid assignments and some to try and explore new things and ides. We have to make money to pay the cost and expanses of the business but we are in this because we like art and beauty and like to explore and continue to grow. If you are an artist, photography or art student, designer or starting up designer, if you think you can contribute and like to be part of an artistic project or learn the business get in touch with us. We want to hear form you.

Question: what do i need to know to prepare for my shoot

We will do what ever in my power to make you comfortable at the shoot and happy with the results. Here are a few things you can do to keep the process going smooth with out hick ups:)

We recommend a professional make up artist and hair person for your shoot. If you need one please let us know so we can schedule one for you. If you are good with your hair and make up please have hair and

Trough communication before the shoot we get to know the model and they gets to know us. However the 3 rd person is not somebody we know or have meet or developed any kind of communication with. If you need somebody along you are welcome to bring them. Escort is not there to watch the shoot or to give directions to the model or photographer. The best escorts are usually other models. Worst escorts usually are mom or significant others. We suggest a girlfriend or other model if is all possible that can stay out of the way while we shoots. They can watch movies, listen to music, read. It is your shoot. The more comfortable you are and the more comfortable the photographer is the better the images that we can come up with. We find that the best shoots are the ones where there is a positive team working together comfortably, with a positive energy and common goal. A person with negative energy in the mix or impatient that can not wait to be out of there, may stress the model and the shoot in general and ruin your experience. Keep in mind that playing with hair, make up outfits and shooting may be a fun time for you but for somebody waiting may not be a fun time.

If you are a minor we would expect you to have with you a legal guardian.


Question: How early do i need to get there

Please be on time or 15 minutes early. If you do get delayed on traffic please call as soon as possible. Cell: 480 559 1299.

Please have all your necessary clothing, make up accessories with you.

Make sure you give yourself enough time to be here and ready to shoot. If you are more then 10-15 minutes late and the photographer can not allow you the extra time for your shoot due to the schedule back up and the next model waiting for her shoot you will lose your time and deposit.

Make sure:

-you get enough sleep the night before (very important).

-that you have your outfits packed and ready to go, and reliable transportation ready for you.

If you have somebody else driving, make sure your ride is confirmed and ready for the trip.

Question: what do i need to bring

Hi heels to match outfits, make up, curling iron, matching undergarments for the outfits, (black, white, tan) stockings, and fishnets. Padding for your bra if you need some. Your best fashion, swimwear if you have, a few sets of lingerie, (depending what you shooting) wigs, things to put your hair up with for different looks. Bring with you if you have the necessary accessories such as earrings, belts, necklace, bracelets, handbags, hats, and scarves. Your foundation for make up if you have a skin complexion that is different then most. Make sure you have directions and our phone number with you.

Question: What about during the shoot

Have your cell phone off or on silent. Check you messages on a brake when you change outfits between sets. There is water and soft drinks in the refrigerator. You are welcome to help yourself or feel free to ask. Once in the studio we can play your favorite music and set the temperature with in your comforts. We want you to be comfortable and perform to your best. You are welcome to play your own music or any of our selection as long as your music does not make anybody else uncomfortable. In general we do not read minds so if there is something you need please ask. If you need a brake ask for one. Some models can pose the whole day and get energized by it and some burn out in 20 minutes.

Power bars make great snacks to have handy during the shoot and small brakes to keep you energy level up so you do not burn out.

No smoking inside.

Question: How to prepare for my upcoming shoot

A few days before shoot make sure you have your outfits lined up, try them on, and make sure you have the matching undergarments and accessories. Check that you have the entire make up you need and your personal foundation.

Practice your poses in the mirror. We recommend you have a contact sheet with10 poses. Some standing, some medium and lower poses that you practice and can go trough fluently. From there in the shoot you can improvise and get creative. We can get you one for you to use for practice if you need. In the long run is good to know what poses work best for you, what facial expressions work best for you. Some models are natural some need practice. We recommend: practice practice practice:).

Keep in mind also that some natural models would do fine from the first 10 minutes and some will give the best shots after an hour of posing. So if you need to warm up at home before the shoot please do or come early so you can practice in from of the mirror and warm up so you can get your best poses and shots from the shoot.
We had models that produced best images in the first 10 minutes and others that did that after 3 days of shooting. Practice and worm up helps. Experience is great and there is no replacement for that.

Shoots can go from 10-30 minutes per outfit to hours depending on how elaborate the make up, hair, outfits, lighting set up.

Beach shoots be prepared to be up at 4-5 am for make up and ready to shoot at first light to hopefully capture the clear sunrise:)