Question: How to prepare for my upcoming shoot

A few days before shoot make sure you have your outfits lined up, try them on, and make sure you have the matching undergarments and accessories. Check that you have the entire make up you need and your personal foundation.

Practice your poses in the mirror. We recommend you have a contact sheet with10 poses. Some standing, some medium and lower poses that you practice and can go trough fluently. From there in the shoot you can improvise and get creative. We can get you one for you to use for practice if you need. In the long run is good to know what poses work best for you, what facial expressions work best for you. Some models are natural some need practice. We recommend: practice practice practice:).

Keep in mind also that some natural models would do fine from the first 10 minutes and some will give the best shots after an hour of posing. So if you need to warm up at home before the shoot please do or come early so you can practice in from of the mirror and warm up so you can get your best poses and shots from the shoot.
We had models that produced best images in the first 10 minutes and others that did that after 3 days of shooting. Practice and worm up helps. Experience is great and there is no replacement for that.

Shoots can go from 10-30 minutes per outfit to hours depending on how elaborate the make up, hair, outfits, lighting set up.

Beach shoots be prepared to be up at 4-5 am for make up and ready to shoot at first light to hopefully capture the clear sunrise:)