El Tunel magazine beach cover and party shoot

One of the hardest shoots I had to do

A local magazine asked me to shoot their cover and inside story a beach party. A group of nice people using their amateur models for their shoots and promotional events. Producer a nice educated young guy very personable and nice to work with. Not all that familiar with what it takes to produce the great image and professional shoot.

After a few weeks of trying to get everybody’s schedule together and a failed attempt in the past to get everybody at the beach we finally arrive. Cover model instead of appreciating the opportunity is complaining about this and that. On location is never the way you plan and you have to always be ready to improvise and do what it takes to get the job done. By 11 am everybody at the hotel lobby is getting cloudy and starts raining. BUMMER. So we wait and get everybody on stand by to be ready to jump in the cars and get to the designated beach when the weather clears up. It is 5 pm and still raining. People are getting impatient and anxious hanging out in the hotel lobby waiting for the rain to stop.

I have shot that area a few times before and know the weather pattern more or less. I had everybody in the cars hoping for that little brake in the rain and a clear sky a bit before the sunset. The plan was to shoot the cover then group shots of people playing at the beach and then a 15 minutes to half hour for each model. To make the story short I started shooting while was still drizzling with a model holding an umbrella over my head and camera. We had about half hour of no rain still cloudy.

Shooting the cover girl

Trying to get the good shots with models not warmed up, some amateur models not all that experienced and the cover model beautiful girl but little posing experience. Got the job done in 30-40 minutes under cloudy skies and drizzle to start with and rain towards the end.

Running from the rain.

Next step take the images to Photoshop and try to make it look happy and sunny with a dark cloudy sky. It was challenging.


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