Outer Banks NC Shoot out and Seminar

Sponsored by Mescantes Corsets

Rated no1 beach in US, beautiful beaches with people miles away from each other. We shot many award winning images on the Outer banks of NC.

Checking the lighting for the shoot

We used a gold umbrela as main light to get the gold tone for the skin, a soft box for the second fill light and the sun as a back and top light.

Below checking the camera settings for one of the attening photographers, giving some tips on the right combination of settings for the desired outcome.

Getting ready to shoot Kerry, a top glamour and fine art model and close friend on her debute in the swimwear bikini and fashion market

Some of the guys were practicing using reflectors. Violetta, an other glamour-art model practicing her swimwear posing. You can see a bit too much tension on the face from the bright sunlight. One of the common draw backs on beach shooting. It takes practice for models to be able to keep a relaxed face at the beach. After a few days shooting she had a few great shots. One that got her to make the finals in the omp international swimwear competition.

Here a couple of shots using the above lightin no reflectors:

Kerry Taylor the model. Not bad for first time posing swimwear. A bit too much shadow on the inner left leg and could have photoshoped the shadow from the bikini. A bit more light fill or a reflector would have taken care of that. The darker shadows give more dramatic effect for a more artistic shot witch goes with Kerry’s personality. Not the best commercial shoot but not bad for practice on a fly. For a commercial shoot I would have used a reflector and a larger umbrella even a 4-6 foot for more even light distribution.

Same lighting but diferent camera settings with a brighter background. Cristal the up coming model practicing her first swimwear beach shooting.

Below one of Crystals art shoots that we did later that day. Started with a nice sunny shoot and ended up with a powerful thunderstorm. She is a very athletic model and a horse trainer. That is why we used her for the horse shoot. Here is the unedited shot. As you can see because of the up coming storm the lighting was very gray witch affected the over all colors not to talk about the sky. In the second edited image you can see the added sky from a previous shot taken that day while it was sunny.

and one of the final edits. Dress provided and custom made for Crystal by Mescantes Corsets.

A full gallop shot. Kept the sky the same for a better contrast with the models head. You can see again the tension on the face that I was talking about earlier. With out that would have been a better shot.

It was a nice few days shoot at the beach, town and marina. From fashion to artistic to bikini. We had a great time and photographers and models had a chance to practice and get better at what they do.

A fashion shot at the marina:

A couple of shots we used for advertising and promoting the event:

One of Violettas shots I took in the Outer Banks as well a year before.

One of Sharlotes shots from NC Next model Calendar shoot. Charlotte, a fashion model brought a nice contrast to the mix of looks that you would expect from the more curvy glamour swimwear models.

 Stay tuned, more to come. Bahamas on the way:)


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