NC Next top model 16 month calendar


We shot this in 2 sessions. One week in South Beach Miami and 2 days in Myrtle Beach SC. Lots of stories to tell on that one. We had one of the best hair stylist however with no concept of time. I usually like to take my crew of make up artist and Hair person. People that I worked with many times before and know what they have to do to get the job done.

Before the shoot I recommended we have a test shoot to see what models we working with and their skill and level. After the test shoot I expressed to the Producer that some of the models were not experienced and to shy in front of the camera for swimwear shoot.

The hair person was excellent on quality work but with no concept of time. Getting the models ready on time and keep a work schedule was never possible. After a chat we decided to take a chance and take the models and the hair person I had doubts would be able to pull off the job.

Suffice to say we learned a few lessons from that one. Beautiful models but many shy for the camera and with not much practice. We lost the first and only sunset because the model was not ready for the shoot. Hair was not done in time. We were all seating by the beach watching the sun go down and no model to shoot. If you shot at the beach you know that you do not get many sunsets where the clouds are not covering the horizon plus the sun to be on the west side over the water.

We had to bring on the last day a couple of models I have worked in the past from Miami to save the day.

However over all some of the models did not deliver the quality images we were hoping for. We scheduled a second cast in NC with some of the girls I tested and knew were going to deliver.

I had Anjanette do the hair and make up. AND WHAT A DIFFERENCE THAT WAS. Producer was happy and could see the difference in skill level and ease of posing from the experienced girls.

Torres was a great guy to work with and I was fortunate to work with him. It was good to have his support for the creative work we had to do to get the job done. A new producer that learned quickly what it takes to get a large project done.

We were all happy with the images we got. Too many good images to chose from. A good problem to have.

We had a great time working and we had plenty of images to choose form. Lesson to learn again and again that having the right crew and talent to start with is very important.

More pix from shoot-outs

More of me by request:)

 Photographer posing hi on Pepsi :)



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