OMP Shoot Panama Beach


"Some of the images are phone non professional images taken by the girls".

It was a fun week of shooting. We had a lot of nice locations. Beach of course, abandoned houses and railroad station, abandoned playground with lots of nice caves and structures to use. OMP owner Brett provided us with all the lighting, assistants and top models for the shoot. Feeling spoiled having a crew of 10-15 people at your discretion to use to get the shots you want.

Only 2 bloopers and unexpected events to learn from

Chasing again the beautiful sunrise and sunset. I asked for 5 am wake up call for the designated model, (we will use no names). I confirmed the day before if she was up for it. I wanted to be kind and asked for 5 am instead of 4 am wake up call for getting the whole crew up for my sunrise shoot. A quick one hour make up and hair and if all goes good you get the 6 am light. The model failed to get up in the morning while the make up artist, video team, assistants; everybody was up ready to go. All dressed up ready to go with no model to shoo. As you can expect some people were not happy.

Crew getting ready for the beach shoot. Day 1

Lets hope for a sunset then.

Maybe a nap at lunch to make up for the lost sleep in the morning:).

Should have planned for a back up model the day before.

And who is this guy:)? Looking at the camera like a pice of technology from out of space. Hmmmm, maybe one of the video assitants:)


Christine getting hair done for my shoot at the Abandoned house

Making the last attempt on the last day for the sunset. It looks like a clear and dry enough evening where the sun will show and no clouds cover. The previous couple of evenings we had cloudy skies and some light rain. I am hoping this evening will be the one for the great sunset. Oxana the model is ready to go, I shot with her before and I know she is a pro and can count on her. I have instructed the assistant a local photographer to bring the equipment to the beach. Everybody ready to go. Starting a few tests and BUMMER. Assistant forgot to check batteries. Dead batteries in the light pack. By the time assistant run to get new batteries sun was down. So we had to improvise and do an artistic sunset shoot using the model as a dark silhouette against the sky.

Lets hope for a better luck next time and batteries check.

The girls




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