If you are looking for great quality in a photographer and pictures Emanuel is the person to talk to. I have never had my picture made to look so beautiful! Emanuel was very professional. He came up with great on the spot ideas for my shots, fantastic places to take them and how my hair and makeup would look best for the feel of the pictures he was taking. He'll make you feel completely comfortable in front of the camera if you're picture shy like me. I had an amazing time having the pictures done and I will be using him again and again in the future!



Over the course of Ten years, I have worked several times with Emanuel, He really takes pride in his work and does everything he can to help you get the perfect shots you need and would want in your portfolio. I enjoyed working with and collaborating artistically with and would highly Recommend his services. I am also a photographer in addition to the modeling and he is by far an asset in the creative world with a eye for taking

I worked with Emanuel photo and in particular with Emanuel since 2005. I am Producer, talent promoter and photographer on the E coast of US. As a repeat customer I sent all my models for portfolio work and promotional material to Emanuel photo. I knew that I would receive the quality product I expected and on time. As a photographer I had a chance to work with many models and photographers over the years. I chose to have Emanuel photo to do the work for me because I knew I could count on a job well done. I consulted many times and use Emanuel’s advice on equipment, shooting techniques and more. I was sad to lose Emanuel when he relocated close to family to Phoenix area. I am still sending my clients to Phoenix as much as possible because I know I will get the quality product I expect.